HALO Laser

What it Treats

Experience the power of HALO, an innovative skin treatment offered at Reflections Salon and Med Spa. HALO utilizes dual-wavelength technology, combining ablative and non-ablative lasers to target the skin's surface layer (epidermis) and deep layer (dermis). This advanced approach ensures rapid and comprehensive improvements in pigmentation and texture with minimal downtime. HALO effectively addresses sun damage and fine lines by delivering the benefits of deep dermal remodeling and collagen stimulation alongside superficial resurfacing.

What to Expect From Halo Laser

HALO treatments are designed for your comfort, requiring only topical anesthesia. Enjoy low downtime, easy aftercare, and visible improvements within days. The dual-wavelength technology allows for significant results in just 1-2 treatments. HALO is suitable for almost all skin types, offering a versatile solution for various skin concerns.

Most clients may experience a warm sensation for 60 to 120 minutes post-treatment. Reflections Salon and Med Spa enhances patient comfort by providing air cooling, cool soaks, and a revolutionary cold face mask post-treatment.

Recovery Time & Side Effects of Halo Laser

Expect a short recovery time of 5-7 days with HALO treatments at Reflections. Swelling may occur during the initial days, and using a quality moisturizer aids in a smooth recovery. Around days 2-3, pigment pulls surfaces and flakes off over the following days. Makeup can be applied after 48-72 hours, ensuring you can return to your routine swiftly.

Results of Halo Laser

We deliver noticeable results within one week of HALO treatment. Experience improved skin texture and tone and reduced fine lines and pigmentation issues. The visible improvement continues, with significant results achieved in just 1-2 treatments.

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