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Skin Rejuvenation + Body Contouring 


This treatment is the only FDA-cleared non-invasive procedure that creates a lift in the brow, face, and neck regions. Ultherapy technology utilizes micro-focused ultrasound to create heat at a specific targeted layer deep within your skin. This heat creates micro-trauma or, thermocoagulation points (TCPs), at precise locations and stimulates the growth of your own new collagen. The results of Ultherapy are gradual yet impressive, with maximum results typically observed at 6 to 9 months after a single treatment session.


Most people see improvement quickly, and results continue to improve for 6 to 9 months after treatment.

What it Treats:

Laxity of skin in Neck, Chest, Face, Brows, Lips, Chin, Jowls, and Marionette Lines.

Procedure time: 

30 to 120 minutes.

Recovery time & Side Effects: 

There is no recovery or down time, but there may be some mild soreness in the treated areas for up to one week after treatment completion. Mild redness and feelings of tightness are common immediately after your Ultherapy treatment ends, these typically resolve in a few hours.

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