Treatable Conditions: Sun Damage

Excessive sun exposure is the number one cause of damaged and aging skin. As we age, the sun’s energy breaks down the healthy structure of our skin. This can often be seen as visible wrinkles, dark spots, and poor skin tone. Freckles, dark spots, age spots, or sun spots, are all caused by sun exposure damaging our skin through the sun’s powerful ultraviolet (UV) energy. Increased vascularity, general redness or visible small vessels, rough texture, dull appearance of skin are all ways that sun damage can present. Reflections Medical has a team of highly trained skin specialists who are happy to help. Working closely with you, we can design a custom treatment plan that is tailored to fit your aesthetic goals, needs and skincare budget. Now is a great time to make Reflections Medical your first choice for sun damage treatments in Southwest Michigan!

Causes: Excessive Sun Exposure, Not wearing sunscreen.

Available Treatments: 

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